Veneers in Sandy, UT

Over the years our teeth take an immense amount of wear and tear. Some of this wear and tear is reversible and the remarkable repairing and healing capability of the body takes over to keep our mouths happy and functional. However there are some instances when our mouth cannot compensate for some damages. One of these main damages is when the tooth—or—teeth, are not proportioned correctly, are misshapen, or are physically broken.

Causes For Veneers

There are many causes that a tooth may exhibit one of the signs mentioned above; chipping, dental accidents, and age are the most common. However, we can provide you with a long lasting solution to this problem with veneers.

Teeth, like many aspects of the human body, have specific and ideal proportions that best fit them. This is especially true in regards to your bite as your teeth need to be a specific size and proportion to each other as well as the rest of your mouth. When this ratio is improper or incorrect you can have jagged or unsightly teeth or even worse you could have pain when you eat or bite down.

We often see this in our office and rest assure it isn’t uncommon to have these problems. With the aid of today’s advances in dental technology we can conveniently and effectively solve these problems, or even prevent them, with the use of veneers.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are essentially an artificial tooth or part of a tooth typically made of various types of porcelain compounds.

On average, a normal veneer is very thin (about the wide of a fingernail) and is designed to slip onto a tooth and is bound accordingly. We utilize veneers to help straighten crooked teeth, fix jagged or misshapen teeth, and to enhance overall smile.

Empress Veneers

Despite the advances in dental technology, not all veneers are created equal. Because of this, we have decided to use Empress Veneers for our veneer related dental services. Empress Veneers are a very well-known and well respected line of veneers and we stand behind their quality.

Empress veneers stand out from other lines because they are designed for strength and aesthetic appearance giving you a longer lasting product that will function well and look fantastic. Each veneer is carefully crafted for each tooth to ensure maximum quality and comfort. By using Empress Veneers we can effectively brighten your smile in terms of both shape and color.

Benefits of Empress Veneers

A great benefit to this product line is that they don’t stain like normal teeth so your smile stays white and vibrant. Along with their quality they are also very comfortable and biocompatible meaning that if you have allergies to certain materials these will likely not react with your gums and are 100% safe.

We provide an exceptional and professional service applying veneers in Sandy—near Salt Lake City—Utah. Because of this, we choose to use a product line whose quality and longevity matches the excellence of our service and provides you with the highest quality in appearance, functionality, and comfort.