Improve your Smile

From simple changes to extreme makeovers, many ways exist to make a world of a difference.

Make Dark, Stained Teeth White
There are many ways to do whitening.  I have done the homework.  The very best system is KöR deep bleaching.  The before and after cases show amazingly good looking results and the system has an excellent solution for sensitivity.  Our simulation software will show you how you will look with whiter teeth.

Make Crooked Teeth Straight
Moving teeth into the right position makes such a big difference in how your smile looks. Fortunately, new developments have led to ways of straightening an adult’s smile with out the need to have metal covering your teeth for several years.  Many people know about Invisalign which has many great benefits.  A system called “6 Month Smiles” is quicker and more predictable and still nearly invisible for adult patients.  The average treatment is from 4-9 months.  Imagine having a straight smile by your next cleaning appointment.

Give Teeth the Right Shape
So much can be done to fix the shape of teeth.  Similar to Greek and Roman artwork,  there exists an ideal form and proportion for each tooth.  Bonding and veneers can dramatically restore worn, malformed teeth into a natural and beautiful looking smile.  Empress veneers are still the very best looking, most natural smiles.  LAVA and Emax crowns look great and hold up better for those with a strong, grinding bite.  Veneers can now be done with no or minimal alteration to your natural tooth preserving its life.

The Gums need to Look Good
Healthy gums surround beautiful teeth to make a great looking smile.  They are the foundation.  Lasers and grafting treatments can be done to make them at the right level and symmetrical throughout both sides.

Fresh Breath
You can’t forget this part of a great smile and the many ways to make it right.

Natural and Real
Nobody wants teeth that look fake.  Natural looking teeth come from translucency and opalescence.  Give yourself a smile that will last a lifetime and make you feel great.  Great looking smiles change lives.