How do i mimimize problems before they become more serious?

Regular checkups and a careful examination will spot areas of concern before they turn into something more serious. Small fillings when spotted early enough are much better than a crown, just as a crown is much better than a broken tooth that cannot be saved and must be removed. 

Why do i have more teeth issues than other people i know?

No two teeth are identical from one person to another. This means that genetics, oral hygiene, and age all factor into when we need treatment. The amount of bacteria in our mouth (both bad and good) can also change based on our eating habits and ability to work

If it doesn’t hurt yet, why fix iT now?

Once bacteria from tooth decay reaches the nerve of the tooth, it is too late for a small filling that would have easily stopped the problem. When it begins to hurt and give you a toothache, efforts to save the tooth involve root canals and crowns.


Focusing only on your teeth when they hurt or break will cost you more money in the long run

Plus it seems like a toothache always likes to come late at night or on the weekend.

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