Your children deserve the best care and attention when it comes to helping them with their oral health

We are happy to take care of kids dental needs in our Sandy, Utah office. We believe at Simply Dental that starting them out in the right direction will make a huge difference throughout their entire lives. It is recommended that they have their first visit early as many kids develop tooth decay by the time they are two. We work to make it a comfortable experience for kids so that they can have a lifetime of dental success. When kids do need treatment, we often use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which helps them feel more comfortable. We will also explain to the parents (guardian) any treatment we recommend needs to be completed as well as any concerns the dentist may have. It is a mistake to think that baby teeth are not important. Infection and disease on baby teeth lead to problems with the adult teeth and mouth. Taking care of kids teeth is very important to get them on the right track. We like to recognize our kid patients by getting their picture taken with a giant toothbrush when they come in for a visit and do not have any dental work to do. They also will be able to pick a prize for our giant tooth container. We look forward to seeing your entire family here at Simply Dental.