Root Canals in Sandy, UT

There are instances when our teeth become very badly infected and something must be done immediately. While pain may occur it usually happens when the damage is very severe and the infection is threatening the health of your teeth and the rest of your mouth. Because of this, we utilize a procedure known as root canals.

What Are Root Canals?

Root canals are needed where the roots of your teeth connect. An infection that has reached this area is very harmful to both the teeth and the surrounding gums. The way we deal with this by opening up a small area and cleaning the inside of the root canal area. The area is also treated with medicine to kill the bacteria and ensure that your mouth can be healthy once again. After this is performed the tooth is then sealed.

Who Should Have Root Canals?

Root canals are a very common procedure. Root canals are extremely important to have this done if it is determined that it is necessary. The reason for this is that when an infection reaches that area microscopic bacteria then begin to multiple and thrive on the inside of the tooth. This area is known as the pulp chamber.

With bacteria existing, it is doomed to abscess and cause more painful infections. We remove the pulp from the chamber and clean it removing as much bacteria as possible. This will prevent further infection. In addition, this will also help keep your gums healthy and you happy.

If your teeth are determined to be too damaged for root canals, some or all of them may have to be removed. We provide additional services that can assist you in the event that this happens. If only a part is removed, a cap or crown may be your ideal alternative.

A crown will replace the part that is removed and you won’t know the difference between it and your “real” teeth. We also offer dental implants if the entire tooth must be removed. With today’s advancing technologies this can be done relatively easily.

Keep In Mind

Remember that pain results after a period of time has passed where the tooth has been made “unhappy” by a number of things such as root canals. Unlike other parts of the body, when you receive oral pain it typically means that injury or infection has been there for some time.

We recommend seeing us regularly for cleanings and checkups to ensure that these problems don’t arise or catch them as soon as possible if they do. By doing so, you keep your smile beautiful and your mouth healthy.