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Teeth Whitening in Sandy, UT

There a number of teeth whitening methods both over the counter (purchased in a store) and professionally provided. Despite the growing popularity of in-home whitening systems, the most effective and long lasting method for whitening teeth is provided by professionals.

Reasons For Teeth Whitening

There are many reasons why our teeth lose their pearly white color, the most common just being age. As we get older and use our teeth more of the color fades, becomes stained, and wears away. The color of our teeth is not always synonymous with adequate tooth health. This means that you may have a discolored tooth that is actually very healthy, but it is unsightly and undesirable.

The things we eat, how often we brush, floss, or even use mouth wash can all influence the long term color of our teeth. People who drink coffee or use tobacco frequently also have elevated incidences of stained teeth. Whatever the cause of the discoloration in your teeth is we have a solution and are happy to provide dental whitening services.

KöR Teeth Whitening

There are many types of whitening methods and systems provided by dental professionals, but through extensive research we have chosen to offer a whitening system known as the KöR system. The KöR whitening system shows amazing results of stained teeth from mild to extreme. The way this method of whitening works is by aiding the absorption of oxygen into the tooth. Once the oxygen is absorbed into the tooth it works to break apart molecules that are staining your teeth, which leaves them whiter, brighter, and more beautiful.

Who Can Use The KöR System?

The younger your teeth the better they will whiten with the KöR system. However, people as old as 90 have used the KöR system to illuminate and whiten their teeth successfully. This is why we chose to offer it as opposed to another system of whitening; its effectiveness.

Many other whitening systems require you to come back every so often and have the procedure done again. We chose the KöR system for whitening teeth because it has a very simple in-home up keep system. This in-home system allows your whitening to be permanent and helps maintain your bright teeth.

How Does The In-Home System Work?

The in-home system is essentially a tray you wear while you sleep so it doesn’t interfere with your activities during the day. The tray is designed to seal in the chemicals used for whitening your teeth so they don’t leak out. The added benefit to the home system is that by utilizing it, you no longer have to worry about tobacco, coffee, or alcohol staining your teeth; using the home system prevents these stains from reforming. By removing stains and preventing new ones from forming the tooth whitening process becomes permanent.

We offer a full service of the KöR whitening system in our Sandy—near Salt Lake City—Utah office. We will fit you for the home care system, provide you will a consultation, and help you get on your way to brightening that amazing smile.

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