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Cosmetic Fillings in Sandy, Utah

There are many things that can damage our teeth. Dental accidents typically resulting from sports or activity related accidents, age, or even during eating. Sometimes these can be small chips on a tooth and others they result in a large part of the tooth being broken off. We are no strangers to this type of dental incident. One of the most effective ways to fix this problem is with cosmetic fillings.

What Are Cosmetic Fillings?

One way that a cosmetic filling can be utilized is to repair a chipped tooth. Often times a specialized form of tooth resin is used to fill in the area of a chipped tooth. The great benefit to this is that it doesn’t require removal of a tooth and is typical an easy procedure.

Most resin based cosmetic fillings that are used to replace the chipped piece of a tooth are done in layers. A layer of resin is added, treated with a light to affix it, and then another layer is added.

Who Should Get Cosmetic Fillings?

Some people often opt to have cosmetic fillings done when they have cavities taken care of. Traditionally, fillings done for a tooth which has recently had a cavity drilled are metallic. While this is an effective and common technique it is not the most aesthetic. It isn’t as much of a concern for people when they teeth near the back of their mouths need these fillings, but what about teeth near the front? Many people don’t want to have an easily seen and hard to conceal metal filling visible in their smiles.

This is why we offer cosmetic fillings.

Benefits Of Cosmetic Fillings

Our cosmetic fillings are much like the resin used in repairing a chipped tooth. The benefit to using a cosmetic filling is that it looks and feels just like a real tooth.

By providing a filling that looks very similar, if not identical, to a real tooth you don’t have to worry about your smile being clouded up by a rational metallic filling. In addition, many insurance services cover cosmetic fillings for your convenience, especially because they aren’t just aesthetically effective, but also functionally.

We choose to implement cosmetic fillings for a variety of purposes, mainly because we believe in the idea that a mouth shouldn’t only be healthy, but look healthy as well. By using a more natural looking filling we eliminate the discomfort or embarrassment a traditional filling might give your smile.

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